Arthroscope Function and Working Principle

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The arthroscope is medical equipment used to perform Arthroscopy, through which the interior of a joint might be inspected or operated on.


Arthroscope Function and Working Principle

The arthroscope is a telescopic instrument that consists of a magnifying-lens system sealed within a rigid tube and is available in two basic optical designs: rod-lens system and single-image fiber system.

In both designs, the lens system is surrounde by optical fibers that transmit light to the interior of the joint from a distant source. Accessory equipment includes irrigation/distention systems, fiberoptic light sources, camera systems, laser, and electrosurgical and shaver accessories.


Arthroscope Function and Working Principle

The device is inserte by making a small incision, the lens system magnifies the inside of the joint by gathering light and focusing that light to form a real image.

Surrounding optical fibers transmit light to the far end of the scope to aid visibility. The field of view is proportional to an arthroscope’s diameter and a variety of diameters are offers by manufacturers.

An instrument channel can allow tools passe down the optical line of the arthroscope.

It is a very safe instrument. Some of the problems may include Tissue or nerve damage, Infection, Blood clots.

what is arthroscopy

The use of an arthroscope is a known procedure for joint conditions. Arthroscopy was mainly used for open surgery.

But with new instruments and advanced surgical methods, many conditions can also be treated using an arthroscope.

An endoscope that is inserted through an incision near a joint and used for visual examination diagnosis and treatment of the interior of a joint.

Arthroscope Function and Working Principle

This is a surgical procedure used by orthopedic surgeons to examine and treat problems inside a joint.  The surgeon may ask you to advise before you can stop doing physical activities such as sports and heavy lifting.

Can refuse to work from work for 6-7 weeks or sometimes it can take several months to recover. Physical therapy is started immediately after the surgery.

The patient should be able to bear weight on the knee while standing or walking with the brace on immediately after surgery. After surgery, the patient is advised to walk on crutches for 6-7 weeks.

Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery has a high success rate, but it is not 100 percent. The lack of improvement is not a real complication, but the outcome can be disappointing for patients.

It is possible that patients will find that they are not able to regain full range of motion, strength, and function in the shoulder.