Electrical safety testing is performed to evaluate the potential damage caused by electric shock while using the equipment. Or rather, electrical testing is an important process. It is a periodic inspection report that shows whether a circuit or electrical appliance is being overloaded, any potential electric shock hazards and fire hazards from its installation

This Applied Parts (AP) is a part of medical electrical equipment that is in physical contact with a patient to perform its function as required for medical electrical equipment or medical electrical systems in use. These are classified in three ways: B (Body), BF (Body Floating), and CF (Cardiac Floating) depending on the nature of the medical device used and the type of contact.

IEC 60601 and IEC 62353 The resistance of the appliance’s power cord is 0.2ohms. should be less than IEC 60364 has been established by engineering experts from all countries of the world comparing their experience to international level. At present, the safety principles of IEC 60364 series, IEC 61140, 60479 series and IEC 61201 are fundamental to most of the world’s electrical standards.

Internal electrical problems such as bad or deteriorating wiring, as well as short circuit problems, can both easily lead to a fire. State of the art plumbing, air conditioning and electric will be able to easily test your home for any danger of shorting or any wiring problems that could lead to a fire.