what is a cautery machine, working principle, best procedure22

what is a cautery machine, working principle, best procedure22

What is a cautery machine Cautery machines are used in ENT, ophthalmic, etc. surgery routinely for a variety of tasks to cut, freeze, dissect, fulgurate, isolate and shrink tissue. At high frequencies such as 100 kHz to 5 MHz, alternating current at various voltages (200–10,000 volts) is passed through the tissue to generate heat. It consists of a generator and a handpiece with one or more electrodes in an electrosurgical unit. The device can be controlled using the switch on the handpiece or the foot switch

What is the working principle of cautery machine The cautery machine uses high-frequency electrical energy to clot the bleeding or cut tissue. Preferential conduction of electrical energy by blood vessels allows coagulation. It is important to remove pooled blood and irrigation fluid from the operative area which acts as an insulator or can dissipate the energy of the cautery, which can sometimes reduce its effectiveness.

How to Work the Coterie Machine First plug the system power cord into the Energy Platform’s panel receptacle and check for proper grounding. Connect directly to AC power and try to avoid the maximum power strip or extension cord, let’s say, use it.

What are the types of electrocautery? High-frequency electrosurgery can be referred to four different methods: 1.) Electrocoagulation. 2.) electrodesication. 3.)Electrofulguration. 4.) Electrosection. These methods involve high-frequency alternating current, which is converted into heat by resistance when it passes through the tissue.

What is Advantages or Benefits of the Cautery Machine 1.) The electrodes used in electrosurgery are easy to bend or use which help to lubricate the soft tissues. 2.) Electrodes can be cut at its edge and end which helps to cut soft tissues deeply. 3.) It has much faster cutting speed than other methods like diode laser. What is Drawbacks or Disadvantages of the Cautery Machine 1.) The smell of burning flesh using electrosurgery is greater than with diode laser technology. 2.) The taste of burnt meat during surgery remains in the mouth for a long time. 3.) It is necessary for the patients to be anesthetized for the surgery.