What Is an Oxygen Concentrator: How to Work, Best Procedure, Function23

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator Portable| Portable Oxygen Concentrator An oxygen concantrator is a medical device that delivers additional oxygen to the patient as needed. The doctor may prescribe one for the patient if he has a health condition that causes his oxygen level to drop too low. It may help some people who have trouble breathing due to … Read more

Working Principle of Pulse Oximeter and its Function Best Procedure 2023

Pulse Oximeter Function and Working Principle

Pulse Oximeter Pulse oximeters (SpO2) are non-invasive medical devices that continuously measure the heart rate but the oxygen saturation rate of hemoglobin in the capillaries. other definition -A photoelectric device that measures oxygen saturation of the blood by recording the amount of light transmitted or reflected by deoxygenated versus oxygenated hemoglobin. uses A pulse oximeter … Read more