New Robotic Technique Detects and Treats Small Cell Lung Cancer 2022

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What is New Tobotic Technique Treats Small Cell Lung Cancer A new robotic technique for treating small cell lung cancer has been developed by researchers at MIT and Harvard. The system, which is still in development, uses a camera to take pictures of the lungs and a computer to analyze them. The system then creates … Read more

National Cancer Survivors Day 2022 to 2 Times in next Decade, say Researchers

national cancer survivors day 2022

National Cancer Survivors Day 2022 World-leading experts from the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust said cutting-edge research would mean more people would be cured while others would live longer. Cancer scientists are increasingly conducting research into what they describe as the ‘cancer ecosystem’. It is a very … Read more

This new technology 2022 aims to detect early signs of alzheimer’s

Alzheimer's, Early signs of alzheimer's

Early signs of alzheimer’s The purpose of this new technique invented by scientists is to detect early stage Alzheimer’s. A team of researchers is developing a “dual-mode brain-sensing device” that rapidly and effectively detects Alzheimer’s disease (AD), says a study. Genetic predisposition According to the University of Texas at Arlington, Hanli Liu, a bioengineering professor, … Read more