How to work Steam Sterilizer: definition, Producer, uses AR Medical Technology 23

Steam Sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer Steam sterilization achieves by exposing the items to sterilizing with saturated steam under pressure. Heat enhances the ability of heat to kill microorganisms by reducing the time and temperature required to denature or coagulate proteins in the microorganisms. Working Principle A basic principle is Gay Loussac’s law when the pressure of a gas … Read more

How to Work Fetal Monitor: Definition, Best Procedure, Uses1


What is the Fetal Monitor Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) provides graphic and numerical data. This is Fetal heart rate (FHR) and maternal Utero (UA) information provide during labor. Fetal heart rate often displays deceleration and acceleration in response to uterine contractions or fetal movements; Fixed The patterns are indicative of hypoxia. Examination of these patterns, … Read more

Fetal doppler working principle: best definition, procedure23

fetal dopier function and working principle

What is Fetal doppler Ultrasonic fetal heart detectors are low-cost devices use in audio and visual imaging. A variety of health care settings are mean to provide audio and visual information about the fetus. It provides instant assurance of Fetal well-being for both mother and health worker. Fetal heart detectors can easily detect fetal heart … Read more

How to work Radiant Warmer: definition, producer, uses23

Radiant Heat Warmer

Radiant Warmer/ radiant warmer for newborn This devices are commonly use to provide heating support for newborns in the delivery suite, for critically ill infants who require constant nursing support, and for infants undergoing treatment that prolongs exposure to a cool environment. Prolonged cold stress can overwork heat-producing mechanisms, drain energy reserves, and result in … Read more

How to work Humidifier: definition, Best Producer, Uses1


What is Humidifier Capable of providing adequate levels of humidification & it has low resistance to flow and low dead space. It Provides microbiological protection to the patient & Maintenance of body temperature What is the Basic principle of humidifier 1 Inhaling dry gases can cause damage to the cells lining the respiratory tract, impairing … Read more

What is CUSA Machine: Function& Working Principle, best description22

what is CUSA machine

,   What is CUSA Machine cavitron ultrasonic Surgical aspirator CUSA An ultrasonic cavitation device is a surgical device using low-frequency ultrasound energy to dissect or fragment tissues with low fiber content. It is an ultrasound probe (acoustic vibrator) combine with an aspirator device. The tip of the device, placed in contact with the target … Read more

Autotransfusion units Function1 and Working Principle

Autotransfusion units Function and Working Principle

Autotransfusion Autotransfusion units are designed to collect and process blood lost by a patient to extract red blood cells (RBCs) for subsequent transfusion into the same patient. They are particularly intended for use in surgeries that involve a substantial volume of blood loss. Autotransfusion is a process wherein a person receives their blood for a … Read more

What is Apnea monitor: How to Work, Definition, and it’s function1

apnea monitor

Apnea monitors Apnea monitors detect the cessation of breathing (apnea) in infants and adults who are at risk of respiratory failure and alert the parent or attendant to the condition. Some prolonged respiratory pauses result in low oxygen concentration levels in the body, which can lead to irreversible brain damage and, if prolonged, death. The … Read more

How to Work Dental implants: Advantage, Risk, best cost 23

Steam Sterilizer

What is Dental implants Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth that make to match your natural teeth. following reasons: 1.Improved appearance. 2.Improved speech.  Improved comfort: Implants     Eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures. Easier eating. Improved self-esteem. Improved oral health. Implants are durable … Read more

What is Dental Chair: Best Benefit Working Principle23- AR medical technology

dental chair

What is Dental chair unit Are you curious about the dental chair and how it works? Whether you’re a dentist, patient, or just someone who wants to learn more about this crucial piece of dental equipment, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best definition of the dental chair … Read more

What is Dental CT and Working Principle1

gentle dental ct

  Dental Computed Tomography (CT) scan   Dental Computed Tomography (CT) is a special type of x-ray machine. This system used by oral professionals rotates around the patient, capturing data using a cone-shaped X-ray beam. Data from those systems are use to construct 3-dimensional. Images for various clinical applications including treatment planning of orthodontic issues, structures … Read more

Working Principle of Pulse Oximeter and its Function Best Procedure 2023

Pulse Oximeter Function and Working Principle

Pulse Oximeter Pulse oximeters (SpO2) are non-invasive medical devices that continuously measure the heart rate but the oxygen saturation rate of hemoglobin in the capillaries. other definition -A photoelectric device that measures oxygen saturation of the blood by recording the amount of light transmitted or reflected by deoxygenated versus oxygenated hemoglobin. uses A pulse oximeter … Read more

what is Ventilator: Functions, Working Principle, best procedure22


VENTILATOR Mechanical ventilation is the mode of Operation to ventilate a patient through an external device. Air is pushes into the lungs. SPONTANEOUS ventilation is a type of breathing that is complete done by the patient without any device’s help. Air is pull into the lungs. BRIEF INTRODUCTION VENTILATOR A mechanical ventilator assists breathing and … Read more