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fetal dopier

Fetal doppler

Ultrasonic fetal heart detectors are low-cost devices use in audio and visual imaging. A variety of health care settings are mean to provide audio and visual information about the fetus. It provides instant assurance of Fetal well-being for both mother and health worker. Fetal heart detectors can easily detect fetal heart sounds. The ability of most units to accurately calculate fetal heart rate during pregnancy, these devices have also made valuable diagnostic tools.

working principle

Fetal heart detectors transmit high-frequency sound waves either continuously or in a continuous-wave (CW) pulse unit, a crystal vibrates like an electric current. This, creating and transmitting acoustic energy, while a second The crystal detects echoes from structures in the body. In pulsed Doppler systems, a single crystal propagates in alternating periodic oscillations. In both the bursting of ultrasonic waves and sensing the resonant energy in the system, the reflected wave is convert into an electrical signal Which can use to create an audible sound or wave.

Ultrasonic heartbeat detectors amplify the audible frequency. By shifting the signal of the returned ultrasonic waves and transmitting it to it. speakers or headphones; Heart rate is determine by either Measuring the timing of peaks in a Doppler signal by or Using automated autocorrelation processes.


fetal dopier function and working principle

Uses of fetal Doppler

An acoustic coupling gel is spread over the skin to allow efficient transmission of ultrasound waves. The test is doing on the mother’s abdomen. If the scanned structures are in motion the frequency of returning sound waves changes in proportion to the velocity and direction of the moving structures. Fetal heart detectors enhance it audible frequency change, known as Doppler shift and channel This is for speakers or headphones.

About of fetal Doppler

Fetal heart detectors are devices that use ultrasonic waves to provide audio and visual information. They consist of a Ultrasound-frequency power generator and suitable The ultrasound transducer is place in a probe that is place maternal belly. Magnifying Ultrasonic Heartbeat Detectors Audible frequency shift signal of the returned ultrasonic waves and it is transmitter to the speaker or headphones;
to evaluate maternal vessels, such as the uterine artery Although researchers have yet to establish whether a significant risk exists, there are some concern about whether exposure to ultrasonic energy during diagnostic procedures is safe.
Many factors can affect the ability of the unit to detect the fetal heartbeat ( body fat and blood flow can absorb acoustic energy). Since pathogens may be present on the patient’s skin, the transmission of these organisms to the transducer head commonly occurs.
fetal dopier function and working principle