How to work Steam Sterilizer: definition, Producer, uses1

Steam Sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer Steam sterilization achieves by exposing the items to sterilizing with saturated steam under pressure. Heat enhances the ability of heat to kill microorganisms by reducing the time and temperature required to denature or coagulate proteins in the microorganisms. Working Principle A basic principle is Gay Loussac’s law when the pressure of a gas … Read more

How to work Humidifier: definition, Best Producer, Uses1


What is Humidifier Capable of providing adequate levels of humidification & it has low resistance to flow and low dead space. It Provides microbiological protection to the patient & Maintenance of body temperature What is the Basic principle of humidifier 1 Inhaling dry gases can cause damage to the cells lining the respiratory tract, impairing … Read more


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