What is a Linear Accelerator: Procedure, Principle, Best Advantages22

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What is a Linear Accelerator? A linear accelerator, also known as a linear particle accelerator, has many applications such as generating X-rays and high-energy electrons for medicinal purposes in radiation therapy and particle injectors for high-energy accelerators as well as used directly to obtain the highest kinetic energy for light particles (electrons and positrons) for … Read more

What is a defibrillator: Definition, Working Principle, Best procedure23-AR MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY

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What is a defibrillator? A defibrillator is a device whose job is primarily to treat ventricular fibrillation. This defibrillator passes a brief electric current through the heart causing the heart muscle to depolarize. And it allows the body’s natural pacemaker to re-establish a proper rhythm. Or it passes a brief electrical current through a defibrillator … Read more