what is a cautery machine, working principle, best procedure22


What is a cautery machine Cautery machines are used in ENT, ophthalmic, etc. surgery routinely for a variety of tasks to cut, freeze, dissect, fulgurate, isolate and shrink tissue. At high frequencies such as 100 kHz to 5 MHz, alternating current at various voltages (200–10,000 volts) is passed through the tissue to generate heat. It … Read more

what are the hemodialysis: working principle, pros and cons, best procedure22

what are the hemodialysis

What are the hemodialysis machines Dialysate is a fluid composed of water, electrolyte and salt. During dialysis, the dialysis helps to clean the blood inside the dialyzer by removing waste products and balancing electrolytes. Healthy kidneys clean the blood and remove excess fluid in the form of urine. also make substances that keep the body … Read more

What is Autotransfusion units: working principle, advantage, best procedure22

what is Autotransfusion units

What is Autotransfusion units Autotransfusion units are designed to collect and process blood lost by a patient to extract red blood cells (RBCs) for subsequent transfusion into the same patient. They are particularly intended for use in surgeries that involve a substantial volume of blood loss. Autotransfusion is a process wherein a person receives their … Read more

What is CR System: working principle, best procedure, price22

What is CR System

What is CR System The CR system (computed radiography) is the use of a phosphor imaging plate to produce a digital image of X-rays. CR systems use cassettes containing analog film and are generally considered to be a link between old-fashioned radiography and the increasingly popular fully digital methods. CR systems are used almost in … Read more

What is pacemaker and how to work, principle, type, best describe22

What is pacemaker, How to pacemakers work

What is pacemaker A pacemaker is a device that is placed in a patient’s body, surgically inserted, to support the electrical system in the heart. This can stabilize abnormal heart rhythms and prevent problems that may be life-threatening or life-threatening. Read More Article About:- Health & fitness Read More Article About:- Medical Technology Read More Article About:- IR … Read more

What is Capnography: How to Capnography work best uses 2022

What is Capnography How to Capnography work

What is Capnography? Capnography is the monitoring of the concentration or partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the respiratory gases. It provides physiological information on ventilation and metabolism, which is important for airway management. Its main development has been as a monitoring tool for use during anesthesia and intensive care. Capnography is part of a … Read more

What is Electrical Safety Testing: Advantage, standard 2022

What is Electrical Safety Testing

What is Electrical Safety Testing Electrical safety testing is performed to evaluate the potential damage caused by electric shock while using the equipment. Or rather, electrical testing is an important process. It is a periodic inspection report that shows whether a circuit or electrical appliance is being overloaded, any potential electric shock hazards and fire … Read more

How to use blood pressure Machine: working principle, best price, producer22

how to use BP machine

How to use blood pressure Machine/how to use bp machine With an oscillatory device, a cuff is inflated over the upper arm or wrist. Newer models use “fuzzy logic” to decide how much the cuff needs to be inflated for a person to reach a pressure of about 20 mm Hg above the systolic pressure. … Read more

What is x ray Machine and How It Works, Definition, Producer best 23

What is an X-Ray Machine and How It Works

What is x ray Machine and How It Works? One of the most common tools we use in our daily lives is the X-Ray machine. These machines are used in hospitals to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. Article About:- Health & fitness Article About:- Medical Technology Article About:- IR News Article About:-Amazon Product Review They are also … Read more

how to work electroencephalogram: definition, best procedure1 & uses

how to work electroencephalogram

Electroencephalogram EEG | Definition, Procedure, & Uses how to work electroencephalogram? Electroencephalography, also known as EEG, is a medical procedure that records the electrical activity of the brain. It’s often used to diagnose epilepsy or sleep disorders. The test is noninvasive and only takes a few minutes. Article About:- Health & fitness Article About:- Medical … Read more


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