What is Ultrasound: how do they work best method -Purpose, Procedure, Preparation22

What is ultrasound and it's Function1

What is Ultrasound In this procedure, high-energy sound waves are used to visualize the tissues and organs inside the body. Sound waves create echoes that create pictures of tissues and organs on a computer screen. Ultrasound is used to help diagnose very dangerous diseases like cancer etc. It is also used during pregnancy to examine … Read more

How to use babies incubator best method: Producer, Function1

How to use babies incubator and it's Function

BABIES INCUBATOR working principle of babies incubator All baby incubators work on the same principle. Additional oxygen can be supplied to the air through a control valve. The moist, warm and rich air now flows into the cabinet above with the baby. A fan blows filtered ambient air over a heating element and a water … Read more

What is infusion pump: describe best method, function2022

What is an infusion pump

what is infusion pump Infusion pumps large or small volumes of liquids at high flow rates are able to be delivered to the patient, and are used to deliver nutrients or drugs. Such as insulin or other hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and pain relievers etc. are given through this device. Medications need to go through … Read more

how to work Ophthalmoscope: describe best method, function, producer-2022


how to work Ophthalmoscope Ophthalmoscopy is used to understand the structure of the eye and to look inside the fundus of one eye and other structures using an ophthalmoscope. Commonly used to examine retinal and vitreous humor. With the help of ophthalmoscope, doctors can diagnose the disease properly as well as treat it. Basic components … Read more

How to work Pulmonary: describe best method, producer, function 2022


  Pulmonary function analyzers Pulmonary function analyzers are designed to assess volume, airflow and expiratory parameters through the respiratory tract of adults and older children. These usually include a spirometry instrument (eg, pneumotachometer, bellows, rolling-seal-type spirometer), a computer, a gas analyzer and an electronic unit with computerized capabilities and appropriate software. How does the pulmonary … Read more



CATH LAB Its best and main use is for the detection and identification of irregularities within the heart and its vasculature, the aorta, or the vena cava, as well as for defining the size or severity of lesions and for the complete evaluation of a patient with known or suspected heart disease. It is also … Read more

What is a Digital Radiography: Principle, definition, best producer22

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiograph There are two types of digital imaging systems used in radiography computed radiography (CR) and direct radiography (DR). Digital Radiography (DR) is an advanced form of X-ray inspection that quickly produces a digital radiographic image on a computer. This technology uses X-ray-sensitive plates to capture data during object testing, which is immediately transferred … Read more

Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer: definition best description 2023

Transcutaneous BilirubinometeR

Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer Jaundice in newborns occurs in about 70% term and 80% in preterm. Management of jaundiced neonates often requires measurement of total serum bilirubin (TSB). Total serum bilirubin (TSB) is usually determined by spectrophotometric methods by analyzing plasma or serum samples. Such techniques require blood to be drawn to cause pain and trauma to … Read more

What is Blood gas analyzer/ABG: best definition, producer1, work

What Is The Function Blood gas analyzer/ABG and It's working principle

The working principle of the gas analyzer is based on the selective absorption of infrared light by some gases. The commonly used infrared wavelength of infrared analyzer is 2~12μm.

how to work breast implants: best producer1, working principle

how to work breast implant

how to work breast implants A breast implant is a prosthesis used to change the size, shape, and contour of a person’s breast. There are four main types of breast implants, defined by their filling material: 1. Saline solution: –  It has an elastomer silicone shell filled with sterile saline solution during surgery 2. Silicone … Read more

how to work brachytherapy: definition, producer1 and best description

how to work brachytherapy

how to work brachytherapy Brachytherapy also asked as internal radiation, is a procedure in which radioactive material is placed inside the body to treat cancer. This allows the delivery of higher doses according to the duration of the radiation to more specific areas of the body. Placement can be inside a body cavity or in … Read more

how to work artificial urinary sphincter: best description, producer1

artificial urinary sphincter

Artificial urinary sphincter An artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) is an implanted device to treat severe stress urinary incontinence and is mostly used in men’s diseases. The artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) is design to complement the natural urinary sphincter that restricts the flow of urine from the bladder. how to work artificial urinary sphincter The goal … Read more


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